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Recreation on our areas local waterways has always been a popular pastime. The protected, clean waters of the Port Hacking River and its beautiful bushland surroundings are certainly a drawcard, as the suitability of the area for a wide variety of recreational activities, particularly boating.

Relaxing on the Hacking River
Some confusion surrounds the naming of the area with Port Hacking used exclusively from the late 19th Century. It is understood this name was given by Bass and Flinders who explored the area in the Tom Thumb as part of their voyages of coastal discovery in 1796. They named the inlet after Henry Hacking, Quartermaster on HMS Sirius who had apparently pointed out its existence.Located 30 kilometres from the Sydney CBD with the unspoilt landscape of the Royal National Park to the south and surf beaches of Cronulla to the east, Port Hacking remains a beautiful, clean and unspoilt waterway. It’s clear blue water and sandy river bed lure water users and although the river itself is relatively small, it is perfect for smaller open style vessels.
Sunset on the Port Hacking River

The protected, shallow, safe and scenic waterway its also the place the Port Hacking Putters call home. A dedicated group of boat owners inspired to keep the boating history of the area alive, through restoring early examples of small open vessels. Established in 2016 but motivated from a love of boating in the area that stems back to 1900, the group love to share their joy of boating. You might find them cruising the bays, at anchor at one of the many protected coves or enjoying the sunset over the Royal National Park.

Photo by: John Veage – The Port Hacking Putters crew enjoy Carols by Cruiser